You may have noticed by now that all my photos are taken in my garden, instead of the graffiti-covered walls favoured by most of the fashion blogging world. #whydoessheneverleavethehouse isn’t quite trending on Twitter yet but I’m sure it’s been a subject of great mystery. I’m awaiting back surgery, so it’s quite painful for me to go out very far. Instead to fight the intense boredom I spend my time blogging and watching Netflix. I started series 1 of Mad Men about a month ago, and today I will watch the final episode ever. A big hole will be left in my life and my daily schedule. I decided that I could partially fill it forever by trying to dress like my favourite characters. As a warning, I just used things I already had in my wardrobe, so historical accuracy and exact replication were pretty much ignored. Still, I had fun!

Peggy Olson


Peggy was tricky. I attempted her godawful series 1 hair but the joint forces of my non-existant hair skills and the wind ruined it a bit. I also discovered (and I think this is actually a good thing) that my wardrobe is not very Peggy-ish. I love her, but really. I mostly used her series 1 style (i.e. before her many style transformations) as inspiration.


Cardi- Monsoon, skirt- Topshop, shoes- New Look

I think the skirt might have a bit too much poof for Peggy, but I like to think she would wear it. I know Betty would, but my hate for her as a character was too much for me to ever use her as style inspiration. Patterns in Peggy’s wardrobe came in a lot later, but that was when she was the coolest- so the prints were taken from copy chief Peggy rather than secretary Peggy.

Helen Bishop


Helen always struck me as the woman I’d be friends with. She works, she’s chilled, and she dresses so much more casually than her neighbours in their poofy dresses. Here’s to the cool girl Helen.


Cardi- New Look, shirt- Joules, chinos- H&M, shoes- New Look

The popped collar and cardi-as-a-cape were the details I really wanted, that’s what gives her the effortlessly cool vibe. My work chinos are finally being used in the real world! I didn’t think that would ever happen. I always want to look like I just threw some things on and it happened to turn out great, and I think the way Helen dresses says exactly that.

Joan Harris


Who doesn’t love Joan? She just takes everything in her stride. Dressing as the show’s most fierce and amazing female made me feel really empowered. The hair and makeup didn’t quite go as I wanted because I am useless at both but I tried.


Scarf- Lush, dress- Red or Dead, shoes- Red Herring

I felt a tiny bit air hostess-y but I reckon that was all in the scarf. Joan is the ultimate style icon. I have a box of ginger hair dye that I may have to use just so I can channel her awesomeness every day.

Stan Rizzo

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 12.35.20

I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with Stan, but it was sometime after the beard appeared. I used flared jeans and a belt to channel one of my two favourite art directors (I still miss Sal)



Shirt- Waven, jeans- Topshop, belt- H&M

I used a bandana instead of the tie Stan ties around his head as an extra detail. This is my favourite look, and probably the one I’ll actually regularly go out in. I just think it’s a bit more interesting to be influenced by another gender. In time I’ll add a fringed suede jacket, and a massive belt buckle.

There are a few key characters that I have missed out. I may grab myself an a-line skirt and a headscarf to be Megan for a day, and when I finally forgive Betty for her crimes I’ll pair Peggy’s skirt with a pastel blouse. There’s really no end to the things that clothes can make you feel, and style icons don’t have to be real people. Now I can keep the Mad Men magic alive after that final episode.

All of the screencaps used were found on Google- none belong to me.

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