Buckle your seatbelts kids because it’s time for a festive season post. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but every single winter almost all major fashion retailers decide that we must want sequins and velvet and fur. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

OF COURSE I WANT SEQUINSANDVELVETANDFUR. That’s up there with the top reasons to get excited about christmas, coming in just under pigs and blankets and just above bread sauce (all my other reasons are also food-based, as it should be).

Now I know this is cutting it a bit fine for pre-christmas purchases but at this point we’re all just flapping our arms under a sea of wrapping paper like agitated ducks and need a bit of a calm down by dreaming of what beautiful things might be in the boxing day sales. So get ready for the sequinsandvelvetandfur journey of a lifetime…..

First up, sequins, my favourite thing (my boyfriend just discovered this and I honestly think he’s a bit scared). If you’re really big into your sequins, then there’s no place quite like Isolated Heroes. I was lucky enough to head down to Dundee last year to help make my custom piece, and it was the best day ever. My current favourite item on their website is pictured below- the sequin track pants, partly because I love how far sportswear has come in terms of  having absolutely no practicality, but mostly because sparkly trousers would make me feel dangerously regal. Would I ever wear them? Probably not outside, but I could do some really queenly Netflix-watching.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 18.31.52.png

Let’s not forget that with sequins you don’t have to go hard or go home. There is a middle ground. Take a Topshop choker and just build it up until a decade later they call you the fish woman on account of your full-body coating of scales.


It’s an interesting image but perhaps we should move on. Velvet is great because it’s subtle, but still gives more of a sheen than most fabrics. I’m calling on Toyshop again to satisfy my velvet needs and they’re doing it well. Velvet drapes beautifully, and when you run out of things to talk about you can always just rub it up the wrong way and then smooth it down over and over until any awkward social situation passes. Foolproof.


Fur is tricky because I’m always scared that it’ll look real and I’ll be attacked when really the crime against animals I should be covered in red paint for is probably eating 75p savers bags of chicken nuggets and it’ll be a terrible injustice that my faux fur coat goes down for that. But anyway. The solution is to buy faux fur coats in funky colours, so there’s no confusion. I dream about this coat from Shrimps.


When I win the lottery, I’m going to spend it all on Shrimps clothing and then wish I’d bought a house.

That concludes my brief tour through festive wear that’ll last you to NYE and beyond. If you haven’t had your fill search “sequin” on Topshop, my word you will not be disappointed.

Tune in soon for more ramblings about my dumb inner fears and stuff.


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