I have a strong emotional connection to my wardrobe. So much so that I get quite sad when I can’t wear things as often as I’d like. For example, I love a good midi skirt as much as the next girl, but students don’t often have much call for them (we’re all too busy desperately trying to look like we just threw something on the morning after the night before). I have far too many going-out things for the amount of time I spend out.

Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent THE MOST GORGEOUS SKIRT IN ALL OF EXISTENCE by the Scottish brand Dead Sleekit. It features an incredible flower and bee pattern (I have a thing for bees), and I fell in love instantly. It’s silk, so it flows beautifully, and I have never gotten so many compliments about an item of clothing before!



Just look at the colours and the detail in that pattern!!

I knew it would go awesomely with all my crop tops, and flowy shirts for a formal outfit, but because of the reasons above, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to wear it all the time. This started my mission to wear my skirt into uni.

What I needed was something that would show off the skirt in its full glory, but not make the outfit too formal for wearing around campus. This is what I came up with.


Skirt- Dead Sleekit, sweat- Tee and Cake, boots- Topshop

The grey jumper gives a bit more of a casual feel to the look, but it doesn’t distract from the amazing pattern of the skirt. I didn’t want to go with trainers because I thought they’d make the skirt look out of place, so I chose heeled ankle boots instead. I’m really looking forward to coming up with different combinations for this skirt so I always have an excuse to wear it!

Most of my mental wish-list is Dead Sleekit now, I’d encourage you all to look at their fabulous prints – especially the Koi Fish Dress and the Nest of Sparrows Coord!

The top-half casual, bottom-half formal look is a great formula with which to tackle the scary ‘smart casual’ dilemma, and it’s serving me well for creating more interesting uni looks while still retaining the quintessential relaxed vibe of a student! I’d quite like to do another post on student style so stay tuned for more uni solutions!

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