Have you ever picked up a nice top in a shop, then wondered if it’s a child’s size. Have you then realised it was a crop top, and proceeded to curl into a hopeless ball in the middle of the shop, rocking until someone hands you an item of clothing that’ll comfortably meet the top of your jeans?

No? Oh. Well I have, and if you have too, then fear not!

This time of year the whole of the UK is crawling with students who aren’t yet so tired they can only vegetate in front of Netflix and enjoy student discounts on pizza (although trust me I’m getting there). Freshers week sees us out and about like no other time of year, and the unofficial uniform for all this is of course the crop top. Which is why, if you have crop qualms, this is the perfect time to wear one! There’s nothing like blending in if you’re a little bit nervous. To demonstrate how fabulous crop tops are, I’ve enlisted the help of my gorgeous flatmates.


Tash and Megan are both wearing Topshop crop tops, that they picked out with Freshers in mind. Megan’s green crop actually works really well casually, so it’s great for wandering around campus in too.


Tash wore hers to see Vengaboys (which was fabulous), and it did her proud!


As far as flesh-baring goes, the crop top isn’t too extreme, so it’s a great way to pep up your wardrobe without feeling too out of your comfort zone. For extra protection from the elements, add something high-waisted to make the gap a bit smaller. Ignore Oprah, everyone can wear a crop top. Here are my top two night and day crops on Topshop at the moment…

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 17.51.17

As a day choice this Motel crop is funky but not too much. It’d go great under a checked shirt with a pair of mom jeans.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 17.51.33

This top by Glamorous is a bit more snazzy, but with a pair of black skinnies you’re set for a night out!

Trust me, give it a whirl- once you crop the fun don’t stop!

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