Hello! In an exciting move I’m breaking away from the once-a-week post on a Wednesday to bring you a bonus Sunday post! This look has been 4 months in the making. Since I started writing this blog, my confidence has gone up and up and up and so has the sassiness of my style. I’ve found I care a lot less about what people think of my fashion sense than I did before. I just put on what I want to wear, and wear it, without bottling it at the last minute and changing back into the ol’ faithful jumper and jeans combo. I don’t even walk anymore, I stalk. And it’s a great feeling. To celebrate me feeling pretty awesome about myself, I want to show you the culmination of all this- my perfect outfit.


Shirt- gift, jeans- Dirty Disco at ASOS Marketplace, trainers- Zara

I saved up for these hand-painted jeans (aptly named the Sassasaurus jeans) for a long time, so it feels fabulous to wear them. Photos really don’t do them justice, I’ve honestly never seen anything like them. I want to wear them with everything! One day when I get married I’ll wear them down the aisle.


Same goes for the shirt- it was a birthday present, and I’ve worn it for three days straight in different combinations. It’s all silky and vintagey and patterned- what’s not to like?! I’m actually quite sad that it has to go in the wash tomorrow.


You may recall that when I first started blogging I wore sunglasses in all my photos because I thought my eyes looked weird in photos. Now I just rejoice in my resting bitch face.


Blogging has just made me a lot more confident and happy with my style and me in general really! And that’s all thanks to your following and comments and likes, so thank you so much for reading my jumbled-together thoughts on stuff! It’s made a huge difference to my life.

Until next time…

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