This exciting new instalment brings good news! Uni has reared its lovely but time-consuming head ( what would a lovely but time-consuming head even look like? feel free to get back to me on this one), meaning I’m going to have to schedule once a week posts, rather than just springing them on you whenever I want. From now on, new post day will be Wednesday!

On to more exciting news… I am very pleased ( if I wasn’t typing I’d be clapping my hands together in glee) to announce the start of my personal style service! Now instead of approaching your Jack Russell with style dilemmas, you can come to me. Want the perfect jumpsuit for your holiday? Let me do the legwork- little Rover’s legs are too short for that kind of nonsense. Don’t know what to wear for an event? Let me give you some suggestions. Want a style revamp, or a few new brands to look out for? Here I am! Need help with some dinosaurs on the loose on your island? Sorry but that’s a bit much.

Any style questions you may have, you can contact me here, on Instagram, and by email at isabelle_harrison@ymail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, free of charge, because that is how much I want everyone to love their wardrobes.

If you’re not quite sure what kind of questions or problems I mean, I was recently approached by my friend to help her find good clothes to act as a cover-up on a diving holiday- she’s probably wearing it now in the sun while I’m looking out at the rain and clouds in Aberdeen. Not that I’m bitter at all…

On the off chance you’re tired of seeing my face, next Wednesday’s post will feature my two goddesses of flatmates- perhaps I’ll do the shoot in my sweatpants. I look forward to having a nice little chat with you all!

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  1. Amazing idea! I’m sure I will be coming to you with dilemmas! Even though I sometimes need to discuss my own outfits, if you need some help, let me know. I love helping style others and making them feel great about what they’re wearing x

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