I have a problem. In fact, I have several problems: I keep buying nail varnish, I keep buying shoes, and I keep buying wool. The wool obsession is probably the worst but I’ve happily accepted that won’t ever be cured so here I am writing this settled in a nest of snuggly pastel baby wool (it was 3 for 2, I regret nothing).

My wool habit, however snuggly, has left little room for shoe money, so I’ve compressed my shoe needs into just 7 (originally it was 5 but I just couldn’t compress it that far) glorious pair you can’t live without. If Voldemort was more into shoes, he would have bought these babies for his horcruxes. These will cover you for nights out, formal events, casual wear. and all weathers. For each pair from my own wardrobe I’ve found a pair that do the same job from the ASOS shoe sale, which is the stuff of dreams. Read on for my little guide for footwear on a shoestring budget (badumtssss).

Colourful trainers


Trainers are a casual wardrobe staple. Continuing the horcrux parallels, these are like Harry Potter- there wouldn’t be a story without them. Great with jeans, or to make a dress or skirt look more fun. The brighter the better, as far as I’m concerned! They just add a playful touch to any outfit. Mine are from Zara, but this new Balance pair from the ASOS sale are snazzy and a bit of a bargain at £48 (they used to be £70).


Smart flats


The in-bed-by-10-reading-a-book-with-an-Ovaltine part of me loves a pair of nice sensible brogues. I’m not really a fan of ballet flats because I prefer something a bit more sturdy. But sensible shoes don’t need to be boring! The cutouts bring them up to date and feminise them a bit more. Good with smart trousers, or a casual pair of skinnies! They are the Hufflepuff cup- humble but also a little bit showy. These are from New Look, but this £27 ASOS pair will do the same job. The cream colour goes with almost anything too!


Plain black ankle boots


These Topshop ankle boots are fabulous! They make me tall enough for all my flares and wide-leg trousers (which is basically an act of God), and smarten up any outfit! The blocky heel means they’re way more comfy than normal heels, and the colour means they go with anything. They’re quietly confident- making them Ravenclaw’s diadem (I’ve spent a lot of time recently with a fellow Harry Potter fan and now all I can think of is Harry, I apologise). ASOS have these Chelsea boots for £19.50


Black heels


Doing this is making me realise almost all of my shoes are black… it’s just a great colour for value for money! These heels cover all formal occasions, and even workwear if you have a higher pain threshold or stronger feet than me. Because of the terrible but necessary pain they cause, these represent Marvel Gaunt’s ring. This £27 ASOS pair look even more uncomfortable to wear but they’re so beautiful! I think I have a similar reaction to nice shoes as I do to cute animals..


Summer shoes


I’m not really a summer person (all the excess light means I can’t watch Netflix properly), but you have to have one pair of summer shoes. Mine are these lovely Primark platform sandals. Platforms are great because you get the height but they actually work on sand, whereas with heels you will just sink hopelessly, and look a bit of a buffoon. This YRU pair at ASOS is even better though, because the clear platform can actually be filled with stuff! I would fill mine with snacks. Imagine shoes filled to the brim with mini Oreos! My questionable horcrux link here is that you cal fill them with stuff.. like Tom Riddle’s diary! Gosh if you think this is questionable you should see the next one…)


Winter shoes


On those cold icy days, you don’t want a pair of heels, you want something that’ll fit a nice snuggly pair of socks in! Like socks that proclaim your love for Schnauzers! Think rain-proof! Mine are wipe-clean for extra fun. Now there’s a sentence I’ll never use again. If you’re looking for something a bit more chunky and funky, try these CAT boots. They have an awesome pattern on them, but still go with a lot, and they’re definitely going to give you grip if you too struggle with ice like a clumsy giraffe. And you could wear them in the summer too! Now this is the last one I paired with a horcrux so boots are Slytherin’s locket because……help me out here…. because Slytherin was cold-hearted? And you will be generally cold when you wear winter shoes? Ok let’s just move on- these fab boots are on ASOS for £70. It doesn’t sound like a bargain but they were £100 so everything’s relative.


The pair you’re in love with


Everyone needs a pair (or three) of shoes that are pretty impractical but look great. Mine are these Zara leopard print boots. They make me feel like a Disney villain and they always get nice comments. These are the pair that you just HAD to buy. This pair is Nagini, because there’s a special bond there, and they can turn you from a bog-standard person in a cape to THE MOST FEARED AND ECCENTRIC WIZARD OF ALL TIME. This ASOS pom-pom pair have a special place in my heart. I feel like pom-poms and shoes were meant to be together.


So it turns out, according to popular belief, that you can after all have enough shoes, and enough is seven. I may have to return to this post every time I’m considering a new pair of shoes, perhaps it will stop the horrific madness that is my shoe buying..

Until next time!

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