Following on from my post about Depop, I thought I should let everyone know about the app that changed my life. If you think I’m exaggerating, like the lady on the shopping channel who tells you the one thing you need is a massage chair for your hamster, then read on.

Closet+ is a virtual wardrobe app. It doesn’t sound groundbreaking but it totally is. Gok Wan apparently puts all his outfits for the week on special rails. Sounds fabulously organised, but I’m too lazy for that. Instead I have taken photos of everything in my wardrobe, including shoes (it was about 2 days of work but SO worth it), and put them all on Closet. Now when I need to pick an outfit, I do it on my phone lying on the sofa. It took a lot of work at first but now every time I buy something new I just add it on.


All of my items are categorised and tagged to make it easier to pick something to wear. I can pick one item from each category (although some fall into multiple categories), and I’m sorted, I never have to even open my wardrobe until it’s time to get dressed.



The tags are really handy when you have one thing that you want to wear, but don’t know quite what to wear with it. For example, I’m a sucker for mom jeans, so I have a tag for cropped tops so I can flick through my selection and pick something that’ll go great with my jeans.

My favourite feature of Closet is that you can create outfits and save outfits. You can select the categories you want to choose from (e.g. dresses, shoes, jackets) and then just scroll through until you’re happy with your look.



You can be anywhere, and not have to rely on your memory to create all your outfits. This morning when I was lying in bed, I scrolled through and picked this mild-weather outfit when I was still half in my dream with Daniel Radcliffe (we’ve all been there).


It went on like a treat. If you thought this was fashion for the lazy (which it is), just you wait. There’s also a randomise button, which gives you an outfit of random items selected from whatever categories you pick. There are sometimes mishaps where it’ll select nothing for a few categories and present you with just shoes and a jacket, but it can give you some good suggestions! My randomising today gave me this:


I wasn’t quite sure but I tried it out and I really like it! Maybe I should do a week of ‘Closet picks my outfit’?


The app is free to download, but if you have a more extensive wardrobe you need to pay £2.49 to unlock unlimited closet space. It is without doubt the best £2.49 I have ever spent. Having said that, it may well be the only time I have spent exactly £2.49. Power through the uploading, and you will not regret it. I’ve found myself wearing things I’d completely forgotten I owned.

Closet also has a packing list feature, so you can create all your holiday outfits, then create a list for fuss-free packing! You only need to look away from Bakeoff for a few minutes. It’s especially great if you’re a blogger or stylist. I plan all my outfits for posts on my app so that when I shoot I’m all ready!

Closet+ will change your style life, and give you more of a push to go out in those nice things you never wear! Embrace it.

That’s all for now, but perhaps I will do a Closet-styles-me week (although can we agree that I don’t have to wear it if it suggests a jacket and shoes? I don’t fancy being arrested…)! Stay tuned folks!

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