Let’s talk about apps. Last week I discovered Depop. I realise that’s probably a little bit later than many people, but it was a magical discovery. Depop is an app that allows you to buy and sell stuff, mostly clothes. Imagine eBay and Instagram had a baby. The best thing is that if you’re on the buying end, you can have a browse or a search, like items with an Instagram-style double tap, and end up with a sort of wish list of all the things you want. I could spend hours doing it. In fact I do. The explore tab presents you with items you might like based on what you’ve liked and followed so far, and the home tab shows you recently uploaded items by shops you follow. Simple!

I’m a bit of a lurker, I’ve liked hundreds of items but bought two so far. Here they are in all their splendour.


These Zara boots appeal to the part of me that wants to dress like a supervillain. Like if Cruella De Vil went on safari. A great thing about Depop is that you get access to sold-out items, and previous store collections. These were sold out but I tracked them down. They still had the tags on, and there wasn’t a scratch on them. I paid £15, which has got to be a huge discount. The pointy toes are incredible but I’ll confess I wore them out the other day and was in crippling pain. But as Tracy Beaker’s mum always said, you have to suffer to be beautiful (you totally don’t, I changed into my trainers, but whatever, nobody likes Tracy’s mum).


This dress is very special. I adore Lazy Oaf and their crazy prints, but I have never been able to quite stretch to their prices. This is from their Looney Toons collection, featuring Bugs Bunny all over. I’m really digging the long sleeves- I classed it NCN (no cardigan necessary). Snagging my very first Lazy Oaf piece marked a great milestone in my wardrobe. Their dresses are usually around the £60 mark, so getting a piece that is no longer available from them at £30 is a bit of a bargain!

Mostly from my experience shops are individuals selling items they have hardly used, but a lot of brands also have a big presence on Depop. Some vintage stores operate exclusively on Depop. Here are my favourite accounts to follow to get your hands on something fabulous

happydais– This is mostly vintage clothes, think lots of midi skirts and patterned shirts. The photos are really clear so you can see what you’re buying, and there’s a whole host of good reviews so you know you’re in safe hands

starknakedstreetwear– This is an actual brand, featuring shiny sweatshirts and dyed clothes. My personal favourite is the glittery Ian Beale jumper- it has to be seen to be believed really.

helibells– This is owned by Helena from Confetti crowd, a group of bloggers & creatives who wear the most amazing colourful clothes. She also owns Sassy World, which sells really snazzy vintage clothes. Expect a hell of a lot of patterns. I have my eye on the vintage Moschino jeans…

isolatedheroes– This is a Dundee-based brand that uses their Depop to sell samples and other pieces. Think bright sequinned numbers, like the most amazing green sequin bikini.

typicalfreaks– Typical Freaks do the most amazing hand dyed and printed coords. But it’s their socks that really catch my eye- dyed and trimmed with pom-poms.

kamcreates– Words cannot describe the majesty of these hand-painted jeans and glittery tops. But I do have words for the Kimye (Kim and Kanye) earrings: stroke of genius.

So there we go! Test it out, buy stuff, have fun! If you’d like to see the sheer brilliance of the many items I have liked (and buy them all for me please), search izhazzah

P.S. You join me after a bit of a freshen-up to the blog! Please play around with the little menu icon in the corner, there’s lots of fun stuff to explore, including an about me section, and a link to my Instagram! You can now also subscribe via email even if you don’t have a WordPress account! The fun never stops!

Tune in next time for another fabulous fashion app…

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  1. I have seen Depop everywhere but I didn’t pay too much attention to what it was really about. Now I can wait to download it and to see these stores! Loved your post ❤


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