I’m a sucker for store events. Unfortunately Aberdeen doesn’t see many, unless you count free tasters of new yoghurt in Tesco (delicious but still not an ‘event’). So you can imagine my glee when The Whitepepper coincided their in-store sample sale with AN ONLINE LUCKY DIP. If there’s anything I like more than a store event it’s a lucky dip. Now I love The Whitepepper. I’ve marvelled over their bean-patterned trousers and shark-print kimonos and amazing platform shoes for ages. If you haven’t seen the wonder that is the crochet sock then here is your chance: www.thewhitepepper.com

So last Friday was completely dedicated to getting myself my first Whitepepper piece. I paid £30 and crossed my fingers for something fabulous. This morning it arrived…


As a self-confessed pattern addict, this is the best possible item I could have been sent. You should have seen me this morning, I was clapping my hands together like an eccentric supervillain. The dinosaur print is just so unusual and quirky! And jumpsuits are so refreshing- it’s a big statement because of the all-over pattern but it’s so easy to wear because it’s a ready-made outfit! You just step into it and you’re ready. I am delighted.


I wanted to keep the styling simple because I think the jumpsuit does all the work, so I added some colour with tie-dye socks and sandals. I feel like The Whitepepper truly understands socks as they are meant to be- just as much a part of the outfit as everything else. Seriously, they rock socks like no other brand.


I don’t usually post a whole lot of photos of one outfit but this time I had to, I just wanted to show it off! Plus today I had the fortune to rope my brother into taking the photos -usually I go solo with a tripod and a timer, being the hermit I am.





I can’t get enough of TWP’s patterns. They have this wonderful style that is so unique. I know this won’t be the last piece I buy. The lucky dip meant I saved a small fortune, which I can now put towards my other addiction, Jaffa cakes. Keep up to date with all your favourite brands on Instagram to be in the loop about offers, sales and promotions.

If you’re looking for a snazzy patterned outfit like mine, look no further than The Whitepepper. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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