My love for Topshop knows no bounds. Split me open and it’s written all the way through me like rock candy (along with “puppies are great” and “fruit cakes were made to thwart me”). It was only this week though, that I began to wonder why. They produce high quality, distinctive clothes that are still wearable, but those words have never made anyone’s heart flutter. Then I got it. In some way, shape or form, Topshop caters to everyone.

Enter my mother. She’s about to hit a big birthday, and it’s not her 21st. Unsurprisingly this doesn’t mean her style has gone out the window to be replaced by whatever Cotton Traders can post her. She goes to meetings, she goes for cocktails, she works, she shops (although not always in that order). She has exactly the same demands for clothes as a woman in her 20’s. This is where Topshop comes in. For this post my mum styled herself in 3 Topshop outfits, to show that it’s not just for the young, but for the young at heart.





All the items in this first look, apart from the shoes, were bought from Topshop at the same time. If there’s one thing mum likes, it’s being able to buy a full outfit, including jewellery, from one store. She absolutely loved the pattern and colours of dress on the hanger, but wasn’t sure when she put it on. It has been so drummed into women, especially those above 30, that there are some things they can’t wear. This just isn’t true. The stripes make her already tall frame even taller, I think she looks fabulous. The dress also works for almost any day she might have- whether in a professional context or with family and friends (just maybe not with two mischievous dogs). She chose the necklace for the colours, and then matched it with the circles in the earrings. Having jewellery picked specially for the dress means she knows it won’t just sit at the back of her wardrobe.




This is another look bought together. The patterned trousers are fun and colourful, and the jumper brings out the autumnal colours in them. It could be worn in any season, and for a variety of occasions. She used the same jewellery as the first look, as the colours still work.




This shirt and skirt were bought separately, but by the third outfit mum was really getting into the styling mood! She hasn’t worn either of these items in a while, perhaps because she found them a bit too bright. But when she has them on together, they look amazing. This is my favourite outfit, because they are two bold items that work so well together. Tell me this wouldn’t make you turn around if she walked past you down the street.

What I love about all of the outfits is that my mum would wear them, and I would too. There’s no age where your style suddenly becomes boring- once a fashionista, always a fashionista, and Topshop is the place to go.

P.S. If I look like that when I’m 49 I’ll be very happy.

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