This week I’ve been running around the house like a sort of fashion-crazed Quasimodo, moaning “the sales, the sales!” instead of “the bells, the bells!” Why has every store I like suddenly decided to have a sale all at the same time? This is the kind of stress that plagues me in uni holidays when I have nothing better to do.

Under the guise of handing in some forms, mum and I went into town to peruse the mid-season sales. Zara’s patterned trousers were out in full force but don’t worry, a small team held me back before I could race towards them in a buying frenzy. However, I could not be restrained in Topshop, where the real sale was going on. I emerged some time later, victorious, with lipstick smeared on my face, battle hardened. I clutched that midi skirt I’d seen online in one hand, and a pair of flares in the other. Here are a couple of looks with each of my beautiful new buys…


This is the skirt of my dreams. It poofs out nicely, and the colour and grid print are just so cool. I paired it with heels (also Topshop) to get a bit of height back, and a letter print shirt (H&M), because patterns with patterns is what I live for.

Version 2

I wanted a more casual look too, because I never want to take the skirt off. I tried it with a crop top to really show off the high waist, and added a patterned bomber jacket (H&M) for warmth and detail. Summer sandals were a balance between the height from heels and a more casual feel. This is my absolute favourite look. Seriously, I’m planning events just so I can wear it.


Next up, the flares! I’ve been wanting a pair of these for a while -after years of skinny jeans I’m sort of sick of them, but I want something other than my beloved mom jeans too. This is where the flares come in. As an added bonus they also make a relatively short person like me feel like Godzilla! What with all the velvet and fringing vibes this summer I dusted off my velvet crop (Topshop) to wear with it. I love the fringing because there’s a little bit of skin but it’s hidden.


Following on with the whole hippie theme, I added peace signs in the form of a baseball top from The Ragged Priest. It’s more casual than the first look and more wearable in winter or day-to-day.

In other good news I’ve also stopped foaming at the mouth in excitement about half-price clothes so that’s a bonus. Stop by soon for more fashion craziness!

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