This post’s title seems quite deep but really I’m just going for more Harry Potter references. I have seven looks to show you, Tom Riddle had seven horcruxes, it was meant to be. That’s really where the similarities end but the link was good enough for me. So today my seven looks all feature the same denim shirt by Waven, via Asos. It’s a beautiful shirt, very glossy and boxy. Denim shirts are a bit of a staple item as far as I’m concerned, so without further ado, I present to you my seven ways to wear a denim shirt:

1) With a dungaree-dress: IMG_6685

This dress (Loving Youth at Topshop) is quite loose so you can get away with wearing something quite flowy underneath. I love the colour combination, and wanted that to be the main focus, so I added plain black monk shoes (Clarks). The shoes are from my waitressing days, a time which both I and the unlucky customers I served are glad is over. The badges add a little bit of fun and detail.

2) With more denim!:

Now I actually have two outfits in this section, which is cheating a bit. But just think of one as the Quirrell of looks- some people say he’s like an eighth horcrux, some say not.


My first double denim look features a Primark skater skirt. Because it’s all sort of the same colour I decided to go a bit more colourful with my legs, with both socks AND tights (my feet have never been so warm, it was beautiful). I added brightly coloured trainers (Zara) for the same reason, otherwise it just sort of blends into a Britney & Justin disaster…


Next up are my treasured mom jeans (Topshop), with the same socks and trainers combo. I realised the first double denim look was going to be a bit chilly in  Aberdeen, but I wanted to keep the same style. The bleach splatter pattern breaks up the relentless stream of denim a bit, so it’s not too in-your-face.

Side-note: I realise I look at the ground a lot in photos. Without my sunglasses I don’t know what to do with my face so I panic and look slightly sad or surprised by accident instead.

 3) Over a dress:


Now we’ve had both under- and over-dress looks the blog post is reading a bit like ‘We’re all going on a bear hunt’, but bear (pun unintended) with me. This is a very special look because I used my new Monki midi dress that I bought after the success of last post’s midi! The shirt is a perfect match for the pattern of the dress, which looks good as a skirt too, I reckon! I added those darned sandals that I wear all the time to add a bit of height too. There’s another post about this dress coming up so I’ll save the pattern close-ups (because it’s a really cool print!) for then.

 4) Neutralising patterned trousers:

IMG_6908Yess, another chance to show you some more of my crazy trouser collection! These Zara storybook-print trousers are often a bit too dazzling when paired with other patterns so the shirt is a good match to make sure all eyes are on the trousers! I added black heels (New Look) for a summery touch (I’m sure you’d agree if you could see them but for some reason I’ve sunk into the grass. Soz).

 5) With leggings:IMG_6882

I don’t often wear leggings because I don’t know what to wear them with. 13-year-old me would have had a range of hoodies to choose from but we don’t talk about those dark days. These particular LOTR leggings (Black Milk) are very shiny so they’re great for Freshers’ Week but
often get neglected after that because they’re hard to wear in the day. The denim shirt solves that dilemma by being casual enough to combat the shininess of the leggings but not casual enough to make me look like I should be doing some form of sport. What a terrible mistake that would be.

 6) With black:


Believe it or not, sometimes I have days where I eschew patterns in favour of mo
nochrome items. However, ‘all black everything’ isn’t something I can pull off- I’m so pale that I just look like Snape. So a denim shirt maintains the block-colour look but brightens up my outfit so I don’t  look like a potions master (my subject would totally be transfiguration anyway). These trousers are from Topshop, and amusingly have an incredibly faint panther pattern of shiny black on matte black. Ok I lied I need patterns. I added burgundy brogues for a bit of smartness to combat the bagginess.

 7) With a crop top:

IMG_6809As you will know by now I live permanently in the depths of winter so when I wear crop tops I need extra protection from the merciless elements. A denim shirt can function as a sort of jacket- you still see the crop top (H&M) but you have a little bit of shelter should the gods turn on you. I added a printed skirt (Topshop) to the mix for a pop of colour and  to add to the relaxed vibe. The skirt works quite well with the shirt alone too so I could wear the shirt buttoned up too.

So there you go, a denim shirt will help you through many wardrobe difficulties and go with just about anything! Versatile items of clothing leave more money for everything else, so it’s a win-win!

Until next time, my friends, and for those of you who never got your Hogwarts acceptance letter, I promise the next post will have no mention of Harry and his antics.

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