There’s something you should know about me. I’m addicted to patterns, of all kinds. In fact,  according to my Closet app, 43% of all my clothes and shoes are patterned all over. I wear that like a badge of honour. For this post I was going to make a little gif of all my patterned trousers but it would have been long enough to necessitate an interval so I’ll just have to slowly release them, pair by snazzy pair.

All this would be fine, if not for the fact I wear them together. And not just because the other 57% of my clothes are in the wash- no, I choose this life. Today I selected two very different patterned items, one in green and one red. Call it divine inspiration, I just woke up and I knew what I had to do.


Yeah, ‘plain’ isn’t something I really do. I like to thing people are too dazzled by the prints to judge me for colour clashes. The top (Zara) has a beautiful tropical print and a subtle peplum to it, adding a bit of elegance to the train smash. As an added bonus it also has little  dashes of orange, pink and red. This makes the clash a little less extreme.


The trousers (Ted Baker) feature red illustrations of birds against a pale pink background. I love these trousers, they’re just so unusual!


I chose my white Blondie sandals, partly because the pattern has to stop somewhere (and partly because I have no patterned sandals). They’re also just another summery addition to the outfit.


The crux of this outfit is that I would much rather my style was interesting or unusual than ‘nice’ or trendy. Even if people look at me because they can’t work out what bird species it is in the crook of my left knee, I’ve made an impression of sorts. I’d love to know your thoughts on this look, even if they question the quality of the lighting conditions of the room I got dressed in this morning!

Until next time…

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