You know you’ve made a faux pas when even your boyfriend looks slightly worried as you slide your socked feet into a pair of summer sandals. I believe the exact phrase he used was “You can’t do that, it’s socks and sandals, innit?” I’m sorry to say I was ashamed enough to return to the comfort of my converse. But not today, oh no! Today I’d like to take you on a rule-breaking journey through fashion. Gone are the days where the Britney all-denim calamity is cited each time multiple denim items are combine. Banished are the times when your own boyfriend calls you out on your footwear!

Well, perhaps not, but baby steps. I just won’t listen anymore. The denim rule and socks-and-sandals rule have been broken by most of the stylists and brands I know, so I thought it was high time I gave it a shot.



This first outfit features another Primark bargain- my £3 jacket. It’s floaty and light and I love the print. Also included are my beloved dungarees from Pull & Bear via Asos. This is the first time I have ever compiled an outfit around a pair of socks. Needless to say these palm print socks were a Primark purchase. They were paired, of course, with my new Primark sandals that may as well be superglued to my feet (or socks). At this point I’d just like to say that not EVERYTHING I buy is from Primark… just watch this space!


Wearing socks is convenient and comfy. As someone who isn’t particularly keen on toes and wishes we all just had stumps at the end of our legs (as seen on Bratz dolls), socks are my tiny heroes.

Segwaying on from that little dream of mine, I present my second outfit: double denim and socks, can you believe.



Replacing the duster jacket is my dyed denim jacket from The Ragged Priest. This is surprisingly versatile. Great for nights out, and I wore it over christmas jumpers to toughen up a bit in winter. It’s one of those pieces of clothing that just makes you feel like a star. I think the trick to double denim (Britney get out a pen) are colour/ texture differences. Then it’s not as matchy. I’m hoping to do another double denim post with a lovely glossy denim shirt arriving from Asos next week, so we can see how it works with different shades of blue.


I switched sandals to a white pair by Blondie (I have my Aussie sister and style savant to thank for showing me these) and Froot Loop socks by Primark. This is my favourite combination, I love the colours of the socks, and it all works with the jacket quite nicely. I may never wear normal shoes again.

I hope this has shown that actually fashion is rule-less, it’s complete anarchy out there so enjoy it! On that note, my next post will examine the popular phrase “Red and green should never be seen”…. Keep an eye out!

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