It has been many, many years since I last cleared my wardrobe out. So, in the interests of everything good in this world I decided to prevent myself from wearing anything from the darker days of my style (think a tight pink top with the slogan “Save the world for me”- why did I think that was a good idea? ) by removing all offending items. On the way I discovered a few things on the brink. Perhaps I’d just spent so long sorting through clothes I could no longer tell what was good and what was a terrible, terrible mistake. I ended up trying said ‘brinking’ items on to make a decision, which resulted in some really horrendous  snapchats, BUT also some great outfits!

Proudly displaying Scotland's one day of summer
Proudly displaying Scotland’s one day of summer

This shirt was a brinker. I think it was a Primark bargain too good to miss (I have plenty of those, seriously the next 3 posts I have lined up all feature Primark super-bargains). Anyway, I’ve worn it once, and the pattern had me tempted to exclude it from my drawers.


But I tried it on and loved it! It’s a little short, but teamed with mom jeans (Topshop) it was the perfect length. The pattern (as seen on your granny’s curtains) was balanced out a bit by my chunky black platform sandals (Primark). I even managed to add in a bit of cool with my round sunglasses (also Primark) that hid my squinty eyes in a level of sunshine I hadn’t witnessed in years. Of course in typical British style, I had to be prepared for when things turned cloudy so I’m also sporting a trusty Topshop cardigan.

A cardi (so I don't catch my death)
A cardi (so I don’t catch my death)

Long story short, I have fallen in love with my granny print. I can see this becoming a staple outfit of mine so I’m prepared to switch out the sandals for bright trainers and adding another layer for winter. Would thermal leggings be a step too far? P.S. Apologies for the recent lack of posting, you will now be submitted to a deluge of posts for make up for it. Stay tuned! xx

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