Not so candid shot

I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally started a fashion blog. I’ve always loved clothes and style but recently I’ve gotten very into fashion bloggers, especially on Instagram. There’s a certain satisfaction you get from looking at a well-taken photo of someone in a well-styled outfit.  It just feels right, like exactly 1.5 sugars in a cup of tea, or singing along to the Game of Thrones opening credits. But I think there’s a bit of a gap sometimes between what you see some fashion bloggers wearing and talking about, and what I could possibly get away with dressing in on an average day.

I live in Scotland, which effectively rules out crop tops most days, and every outfit I prepare for myself has to work with a cardigan, jumper, jacket or sometimes all three on a bad day. Shorts and skirts without tights are also sadly ruled out for this reason. It’s a hard life, what can I say?

But it isn’t just that I feel stylists are neglecting us cold-weather girls. Sometimes the latest trends simply aren’t compatible with my lifestyle. For example, I recently bought myself a beautiful pair of Topshop wide-leg patterned trousers. They’re so pretty I think I’ve formed a slight emotional bond with them. But the first time I wore them, I had to change out of them once to go to the laundry (I don’t want them touching a wet floor), once to nip into town (I can’t drive wearing them), and once when I was cooking (I’m such a messy cook only 1/4 of the food makes it to the plate). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for impractical fashion every now and then, but damnit, I want to feel stylish even when I’m  picking up dog poo, having a lazy day at home binge-watching reality shows, or heading to the climbing wall.

And another thing! It’s all fun and games until you check the price.. The struggle of the student. I’ve finally come to terms with the reality that it’ll be a good few decades until I can even think about living my life like Vogue commands. So until then, ripoffs, DIYs and ‘designer-inspired’ items are my friends, and that’s not a bad thing!

So for all of you who’d like to translate the glossy editorials into something wearable and affordable, that works with a nice sensible coat your nan would be proud of, come along for the ride!

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